corporate showroom

Walk visitors into a 3d representation of your brand with an impressive showroom. Nothing showcases pride in your corporate culture to visitors better than seeing it on display. A positive first impression is important in forging a lasting relationship. RND Exhibits can help you with all details from visualization to installation.

Motorola wanted a showroom to reflect the history of innovation in their suburban headquarters. RND Exhibits was contracted by a partner to execute fabrication and installation of their design. Covered in graphics, digital screens and product showcases, the showroom immerses visitors in story of Motorola's heritage.

Retail installations 

Most consumer buying decisions are made in-store. Increase sales and brand visibility with custom in-store displays. More than just a cardboard POP display, our custom in-store units communicate the quality and longevity of your brand. 

Univar tapped RND Exhibits to design, fabricate, coordinate distribution and install retail displays to over 100 different store sites across the US, including Hawaii.

RND Exhibits' design of the in-store unit.

RND Exhibits' design of the in-store unit.

Museum Installations

The Museum of Science and Industry hosted a special showcase on technology featuring Motorola. RND Exhibits built and installed the unique display capsules.